Cardiovascular Disease Chelation Management

Chelation Update
While not well accepted by the general medical community, IV chelation therapy has proven to be a safe and effective alternative in managing America’s number one killer: atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

We have seen excellent results in a large number of our patients over the past 10 years, and we are quite gratified with the improvement in quality of life achieved by many of these individuals. Once chelation has obtained the desired benefits, one treatment per month will usually maintain status quo.

Unfortunately, we have seen some patients who have fallen off their maintenance treatment schedule, and recurrent symptoms have developed. We can often re-establish satisfactory results by instituting a more aggressive treatment schedule for a short period of time before resuming regular maintenance therapy. However, several patients have regressed to the point where some form of surgical intervention has been required.

Therefore, we strongly recommend ongoing maintenance therapy to preserve the benefits achieved by the initial course of treatments! Chelation therapy may not cure the underlying disease, but it can usually help control it with ongoing maintenance therapy.

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