Integrative Medicine Alternative Health Remedy During COVID-19

COVID Concerns

Dear Patients,

Despite the recent surge in Covid infections our office remains open and we are actively seeing patients, with ongoing strict attention to cleaning and sterilization of our facility, use of masks, and social distancing.  Your safety, as well as our own, remains a top priority, and I am pleased to report an extremely high safety record for our office.  We do not treat patients who have or are suspected to have active Covid infection, and there have been no cases associated with contact in our office.  In fact, the infection rate is extremely low for our patient population, which I suspect is at least partially due to the careful preventive measures practiced by most of you.
I am concerned that I have not seen many of you for some time.  I realize that times have been stressful, but I don’t want you to fall behind on important aspects of preventive medicine, or to lose ground on some of the advances we have achieved in addressing your health issues.  Please schedule an appointment at your convenience.  In-office visits are optimal, so we can work together in person.  We also offer video telemedicine conferencing as well as telephone consultations.
Many of you have asked about my current recommendations for preventing Covid infections, and these suggestions continue to change as the science evolves.  But here are a few basics that remain at the top of my list, all of which are available through the office dispensary at a 10% discount through November 30th.

  • Vitamin D, probably a minimum of 5,000IU/day, or enough to maintain blood levels at 50 to 80.
  • Vitamin C, 2,000 to 5,000 mg/day.  Consider preventive therapy with high-dose IV Vitamin C.
  • A highly absorbable Zinc, such as our Zinc AG, 22mg/tab, one tablet twice daily
  • A potent probiotic such as our MaxProBio 30 billion organisms once daily
  • Beta Glucan, one to three capsules daily; more if you feel like you’re getting ill

Dr. Mercola has published a link to the Swiss Protocol which I have copied here:
This remains a rather controversial approach; it is directed towards treating early Covid rather than preventing infection, and I have mixed feelings about their suggestions.  Please schedule an appointment to discuss further if you are interested in learning more about this approach.

Heavy Metal Toxicity    
As most of you know, our region has dealt with heavy metal contamination from the mines in the silver valley.  When we ingest these metals through our water and food, there are a number of adverse health effects that may be observed, many of which are subtle and insidious while some are more pronounced and evident clinically.  Some years ago I was found to be toxic in mercury, which I was able to treat effectively using our IV chelation therapy to trap and remove the toxic metals from my system.  I felt much better overall, but then forgot about the issue and didn’t repeat testing for several years.  Recently my fatigue was worsening and I repeated my testing…lo and behold, my levels were again quite elevated, and I am once again resuming treatment.  I mention my experience because I suspect most if not all of us living here have unhealthy levels of heavy metals in our bodies.  If you have never been tested, please schedule an appointment with me to discuss options.  If you have been tested previously but not recently, consider updating your evaluation with repeat testing.  Call Mike RN at 475-2120 to schedule.

General Detoxification
Besides heavy metals, we are exposed to an increasing number of biological and chemical toxins that can accumulate in our bodies and create any number of acute and chronic health problems.  We have long been advocates for detoxification to promote optimal wellness.  Now more than ever, having a clean and non-toxic internal environment can assist our immune system in remaining resistant to viruses and other attacks on our wellness.  Many of you may have already done some detox with us, and it may well be time to repeat your internal cleansing.  If you have never done a medically supervised detoxification program, now is the time to consider this option.  We would be happy to help guide you through this process.

GI Health
Besides the many external sources of toxicity we face, one of the major sources of internal contamination may be a dysfunctional system of nutrient absorption and waste product elimination from our GI tracts.  Even in the absence of severe gastrointestinal symptoms, a dysfunctional GI system can contribute to chronic health problems that are treatable when properly diagnosed.  This is one of the more important aspects of a functional medicine approach to health and wellness, and there are a variety of testing options to evaluate further.  If you feel your overall health and well-being remain suboptimal, let’s discuss further.

While we are faced with many onslaughts to our optimal wellness at the present time, there are a number of positive steps we can all take as we move forward.  This virus will not last forever, and there are many positive steps we can take now to avoid worsening health problems in the future.  Let’s meet NOW to discuss optimizing your health today for a more favorable tomorrow!i We appreciate your efforts in supporting lcocal businesses like our practice during these trying times!

Be well.
Will Corell MD

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