Dear Patients

Holistic physicians in our state are under political attack
Because you are our patient, we know you appreciate and value alternative/complementary health care. Many of you have asked if there is anything you can do to help keep holistic medical care available in the State of Washington.

It has come to our attention that holistic physicians in our state are under political attack by MQAC (Medical Quality Assurance Commission), and we need your support to keep treating you. What you can do is write, call, fax and/or email to the governor and your local and federal representatives and senators requesting that they make all necessary changes to the existing law to protect your right to be treated by a holistic physician.

A link below leads to a suggested format for you to use in contacting your local and federal politicians. The other link leads to a sheet with your local and federal politicians’ addresses and phone numbers for your convenience in writing and telephoning them. Please have your spouse and any friends or relatives who believe in holistic medicine or want to have the right to choose an alternative medical physician write a separate letter.

It is our hope that as many people as possible will contact the politicians on the enclosed list to communicate to them your right to be treated by a holistic physician in our state.


Will Corell, M.D.

Click Here for Sample Letter Format
Click Here for a Adobe PDF of Legislative Addresses

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