DHEA and Cholesterol

Doc Talk excerpt
There has been a concern raised recently that oral DHEA replacement could decrease the level of HDL, our ?good? cholesterol. If you are taking oral DHEA and haven?t had your cholesterol levels measured for a while, I would suggest we look at your lipid levels from before and after beginning this hormone to see if this impacts you at all. If there is an unfavorable trend, we can discuss alternatives to the oral capsule that could prove more beneficial for you.
Even small amounts of DHEA can help your energy level and help you produce the normal levels of sex hormones for both sexes. We now know that all three hormones – estrogen, progesterone and testosterone – are important for the normal healthy functioning of both sexes, even though their relative amounts are quite different in the two sexes.
The test (DHEA-Sulfate) for DHEA levels is inexpensive, and we perform these tests on our patients as often as is necessary to be sure their levels are adequate and safe.

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