Oral Chelation

Chelation Update
We have received many questions regarding oral chelation, which has been heavily advertised as an alternative to IV chelation therapy. When you read these ads, you will see extensive discussion of the benefits of chelation therapy, but ALL of this data is derived from our research with intravenous chelation!

There will then be a subtle shift in the advertisement, claiming that these same benefits can be achieved with ORAL chelation. Unfortunately, there has never been ONE study validating these claims. These companies are trying to make a profit by riding on the coattails of the extensive reseach done on IV chelation.

The active chelating agent, EDTA, is absorbed at approximately 10% when given orally. This results in blood levels which are significantly lower than IV levels, and have never been shown to reduce plaque, increase circulation, and achieve the benefits we have come to expect from IV chelation therapy.

There may be some benefits with oral chelation used in combination with maintenance IV chelation, and we have several products in our dispensary for use in this situation. But oral therapy can never replace IV treatments; please don’t wase your money on products with misleading advertising whose false claims have not been scientifically verified!

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