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Please save our holistic physicians! It is my understanding that at this moment, four physicians are being persecuted by Washington States? Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC) because they offer holistic medical care. Our citizens cannot afford to allow MQAC to continue its unsolicited

and illegal persecution of holistic physicians. MQAC has perverted the

legislatures? intent to protect holistic physicians from having their medical licenses taken away for simply practicing holistic medicine.

(Please feel free to add your own paragraph outlining why you value the freedom to choose your own health care and want to have holistic physicians available to treat you.)

Since the current MQAC does not have any holistic practitioners on its board, I think that Washington State should establish a new medical board consisting solely of holistic practitioners. These practitioners would be MD?s or DO?s with specialized training in complementary and alternative medicine.

The Governor should appoint the members of the new Washington State Holistic Medical Board. Please institute the new Washington State Holistic Medical Board immediately so that our citizens can have the medical care of their choice.

If you do not make these changes soon, MQAC will have successfully removed all holistic medical doctors from the State of Washington and our state will become famous for its stand against holistic physicians. Please use your political power and influence to establish the new Washington State Holistic Medical Board so that Washington citizens can continue to have access to quality medical care of their choice.


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