Special in 2018 Fall Newsletter

Happy Autumn!
Fall is definitely in the air, and we wanted to touch base with you as we move in to the winter months. We would like to invite you to come in for a “fall tune-up”, to more closely review your nutritional supplements for the change in season. Let’s discuss support for your immune system, how to best prepare for fighting colds and flu, and what we might do preventively to stay well and healthy! To help facilitate this, we are offering a 10% discount on our private label supplements, and several other immune support formulas, between now and the end of November…just mention “Fall Promotion” to receive this discount at check out. (Not available in combination with other discounts.) We are also offering a 10% discount on our three most popular IV therapies for immune support: the Myer’s Nutritional Cocktail, Hydrogen Peroxide, and high-dose Vitamin C.
Many of you have already experienced our new “Private Label” line of nutritional supplements from Integrative Medicine Associates. We have been working for several years with one of the nation’s premier suppliers of top quality nutritional supplements. We have contracted with them to produce 9 of our most popular products, under the strictest level of quality control and supervision, for the specific use of our patients. (See the list at the end of this newsletter, and go to our website to read more.) We think you will find these to be some of the finest products available, and we welcome you to take advantage of this introductory offer to experience them for yourselves.
Welcome Dr. Pamil!
We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Dr. Pamil Sidhu to our practice! Dr. Sidhu has done an excellent job of taking over the responsibilities of women’s health care following Fran’s retirement at the beginning of the year. She is also expanding her scope of care to include new patient evaluations, as well as regular follow-up visits for all our established patients. Please feel free to schedule an introductory visit with Dr. Sidhu if you have not yet had an opportunity to meet her. Both she and Dr. Corell have a passion for Longevity Medicine, and have each completed specialty training in the art and science of aging as gracefully as possible.
Speaking of aging gracefully, Dr. Corell is celebrating a BIG birthday this month! Contrary to rumors of his retirement, he is still going strong, and LOVING the practice of medicine! He hopes to be able to continue this passion for years to come!
Hormone Therapy
To all our women for whom we prescribe hormone replacement therapy, please recall that our intention is to provide you the absolute BEST quality of life from HRT, while doing so safely and responsibly. Remember that current national guidelines dictate regular patient follow-ups, every six to twelve months, with annual breast assessment (mammography and/or thermography plus clinical exam), along with an annual pelvic exam (with possible Pap smear based on current national guidelines). When we are prescribing your hormones, we STRONGLY prefer these assessments be done in our office since we are assuming the responsibility for managing your care. If this is not possible, we will allow these assessments to be done elsewhere, but it remains the patient’s responsibility to ensure that our office receives all necessary records required for us to safely monitor you. We will be unable to continue to prescribe your HRT if we do not receive the required information. Thanks for your assistance in helping us keep you safe and appropriately managed.
There has been increased regulatory scrutiny placed on prescriptions for testosterone, for both men and women. Testosterone is considered a controlled substance, and we are only allowed to prescribe it for six months at a time. We will therefore need to see you in the office every six months to refill your testosterone prescriptions; once your dosage is stable, blood work is only required annually, but we will need every six months’ contact (office visit or provider telephone consultation) to be able to continue to write your prescriptions.
Laboratory Updates
Finally, we wanted to update you regarding laboratory testing. As you may know, PAML (Pathology Associates Medical Laboratory) was purchased by Labcorp, which continues to operate many of the same blood draw facilities previously offered by PAML. In addition, we are also using Quest and InterPath Labs which offer similar laboratory services. You may want to investigate these various options in regards to their location, availability, pricing, and coverage per your personal insurance plan. (On occasion, specialists may request that you use a particular laboratory for certain specialty tests which they may request.) We will be happy to do our best to match you with the best lab that meets your needs.
Wishing you all the best for a safe and healthy transition through the seasons!

Multi Max Activated multiple vitamin/mineral for optimal assimilation by your body
Active B B complex (containing the active form of B vitamins needed by the body)
Methyl B12 5,000mcg B12 in its active methylated form for energy and brain function
Max Relax Mag Special magnesium formula for nighttime relaxation, hormonal support, and brain chemistry support
MaxProBio Superior probiotic support which does not require refrigeration (available in 30 billion and 100 billion colony count)
SacharoBou Prebiotic, useful for re-establishing healthy gut flora
Vitamin D3 Convenient 5,000 IU strength for ideal assimilation
Immune Max Potent hyper-immune formula for GI support, and other uses
Omega-3X Monoglyceride fish oil, with three time’s better GI absorption (fewer capsules required to achieve optimal dosage)

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